Monday, October 24


Everyday I wake up there's something else I want to do with my life. There's another direction I envision myself going in. There's another skill, another craft, another dream, another admiration, another chance, another oppurtunity. Today, it happened to be cutting hair. As I was getting my hair cut, I just kept thinking... I can do this, I can perfect this craft. So i've decided either im gonna legit go to barber school or grab a pair of clippers and start experimenting... on someone else' head of course [lol] its just that i feel like i have such an eye not solely for hair but just the complete look. when im styling someone, i can immediately began to draw these images and illustrations in my head of how id want their hair to look. i want to be to these fresh canvas' (heads of hair) with a set of scissors and clippers, as what charlie le mindu is to wigs. this photo below is a snap from christopher shannon's aw 2010 lookbook. it was one image that clearly stood out in my mind of the type of hair artist im going to be. very eclectic, fresh, innovative designs. im going to bring assymetrical, nonsensible, extroverted designs/styles/characteristics with hair.

no im not aspiring to be a barber. i dont have one path to choose in life, i want it all. for me committing to one sole straight forward path would be like having seven arms and using them all to hold the steering wheel... it just doesnt make sense. i wake up to new ideas, new ambitions, constant constant surprises..

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