Saturday, November 12

Music: Matthew Vorzimer

Friday night, I was out with my bestfriend and on 14th st platform we sat and listened to a percussionist, Matt Vorzimer. Using bass, cymbals, sneer and a soundboard he produced magic. Soundboard emitting samples of Aaliyah, amongst other hiphop/rap pop. He was on point, he was amazing. If I had the $5 bucks I would've bought his mixtape :( but I'm more than sure I'll come across him much more. After I pulled his name out of my BB notes sidebar:(if I were to show you my Blackberry notes, I'll be showing you big pieces of my life. I have names, numbers, lyrics, favorite songs/movies, happy memories, bad memories, sad memories, OH and my grocery list lol) So yeah I remembered I saved his name in my phone and when I googled him, I found this piece among some others. Mind you, I watched three of his videos and got about 20 different vibes/genres/feels whatever you want to call it. It just amazed me so much more to see the complexity of his skill.

Friday, November 4

Inspiration: These Words

i had written a big spiel surrounding these quotes. but.. just take this and let it soak in... deep.