Sunday, October 30

Inpsiration: These Films

some creative visions that i've come across and fell in love with: video for Future Islands' 'Balance' features Elbee Thrie & Danii Phae //
so inspiring in so many ways..

from the new album On the Water, out October 11 and available now for pre-order

Directed by Jay Buim

Download "Balance"

video for Liturgy's 'Returner'
i already knew it was going to be mad good as soon as i saw the icon lol

AESTHETHICA available now on CD or 2xLP

Directed by Zev Deans
© Panorama Programming 2011

Kaleidostrobe™ stained glass sequences shot at Irondale Church in Brooklyn, NY & Saint Thomas Church in NY, NY.

Costumes made by Olivia Warner at Make Fun Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Shot, Produced, & Edited by Zev Deans
Additional Camera by Jacqueline Castel
Snacks & Hugs by Raheem Vaziralli

video by Ruben-XYZ (who is amazing btw) features Eliot Glass & Vanessa Williams
you can see his other work at ruben-xyz

and randomly the opening credits for True Blood came to mind. the imagery is just crazy. btw i miss watching true blood :'(

Wednesday, October 26

Monday, October 24


Everyday I wake up there's something else I want to do with my life. There's another direction I envision myself going in. There's another skill, another craft, another dream, another admiration, another chance, another oppurtunity. Today, it happened to be cutting hair. As I was getting my hair cut, I just kept thinking... I can do this, I can perfect this craft. So i've decided either im gonna legit go to barber school or grab a pair of clippers and start experimenting... on someone else' head of course [lol] its just that i feel like i have such an eye not solely for hair but just the complete look. when im styling someone, i can immediately began to draw these images and illustrations in my head of how id want their hair to look. i want to be to these fresh canvas' (heads of hair) with a set of scissors and clippers, as what charlie le mindu is to wigs. this photo below is a snap from christopher shannon's aw 2010 lookbook. it was one image that clearly stood out in my mind of the type of hair artist im going to be. very eclectic, fresh, innovative designs. im going to bring assymetrical, nonsensible, extroverted designs/styles/characteristics with hair.

no im not aspiring to be a barber. i dont have one path to choose in life, i want it all. for me committing to one sole straight forward path would be like having seven arms and using them all to hold the steering wheel... it just doesnt make sense. i wake up to new ideas, new ambitions, constant constant surprises..

Now Listening To: Little Dragon // Constant Surprises

Sunday, October 23

Artist Spotlight: Marcus Sucram & Skltn Magazine

let me just start off by saying that i dont really think Marcus realizes how much of an inspiration he is to me. it doesn't stop at his style, it's his lust, eye, passion, and follow through for photography, fashion, art, word, and design as a whole are concerned. his future is bright, and i'm always just glued to my screen waiting to see what he's going to do next. many of the artists that usually strike up an infatuation though are those that inspire others to produce a piece just off of their work, or their look or craft. i've seen a like a wad of illustrations done of Marcus and just the fact that someone can be so inspired to create a piece of art based on you and your work is inspiring in itself.


so let me stop rambling about my muse and.. and get talk about my muse's work [lol]:

Skltn [ Ske • le • ton ] Magazine is marcus' style / art publication. He just recently released his second issue and im just so damn proud of him. I've read it a few times and every time im praising the design, the editorials, the interviews, the photography. it really is a piece of art and as an artist i just notice and respect how much time and creativity he put into it. the magazine is a focused effort towards art, design, fashion // style, artist' / designer support, and more. here's a few screen caps of the mag below:

visit // comment // stay tuned at

Gypsy 83

here's a movie i watched like a shitload ago, maybe like 2 or 3 years ago and for some reason it sprang in my mind so i had to post it for those that have never seen it. it's called Gypsy 83 I randomly caught it on Logo when i initially saw it and was lucky to catch it from the beginning. its about a pair that go off to new york in search to see stevie nicks perform to be 'themselves' and along their journey they end up 'finding themselves'. at the time it was really inspiring to me because i was in this rut of trying to figure out where to even begin to try and find myself... hell, i still am trying to find myself lol anyways just watch watch watch its one of my favorites. not to mention Clive's wardrobe is sick.

MIA x It Takes A Muscle

For some reason I just can't seem to break out of watching this video. It's the smoothest I've ever seen MIA perform (lol) and it's been settling my heart about a lot of things.

Tuesday, October 11

Life: This Is Killing Me...

i really feel like im sean from slc punk trying to get a job sometimes. i go in looking the part, i say what they want to hear, i conform to their brand.. isnt that enough. just me doing that really cant get me the job? geezus.

Sunday, October 2

MTV x David LaChapelle (1996)

MTV needs drastically to go back to this, like immediately. I don't know how they live with themselves. In all of my teenage years I doubt I was ever inspired by anything MTV had to offer.

MTv Raw commercial from 96 shot & produced by David LaChapelle

Disassembling The Cynicism Of A Nine Year Old

this video is mad life. not to mention this dub mix is crazy.

A Thierry

It's not just the line, it's not just the product. The prosecution of the product (the show) is what always sticks out in mind. Thierry Mugler and Gareth Pugh have some of the greatest shows / film to me.
THIERRY MUGLER P-E 1991 by Manuelatparis
THIERRY MUGLER Cirque d'Hiver A-H 95/96 by Manuelatparis
THIERRY MUGLER A-H 1998/1999 by Manuelatparis

ps im not a fashion blogger, im a blogger of all things arts / design / ideas that i lust after.