Sunday, October 23

Artist Spotlight: Marcus Sucram & Skltn Magazine

let me just start off by saying that i dont really think Marcus realizes how much of an inspiration he is to me. it doesn't stop at his style, it's his lust, eye, passion, and follow through for photography, fashion, art, word, and design as a whole are concerned. his future is bright, and i'm always just glued to my screen waiting to see what he's going to do next. many of the artists that usually strike up an infatuation though are those that inspire others to produce a piece just off of their work, or their look or craft. i've seen a like a wad of illustrations done of Marcus and just the fact that someone can be so inspired to create a piece of art based on you and your work is inspiring in itself.


so let me stop rambling about my muse and.. and get talk about my muse's work [lol]:

Skltn [ Ske • le • ton ] Magazine is marcus' style / art publication. He just recently released his second issue and im just so damn proud of him. I've read it a few times and every time im praising the design, the editorials, the interviews, the photography. it really is a piece of art and as an artist i just notice and respect how much time and creativity he put into it. the magazine is a focused effort towards art, design, fashion // style, artist' / designer support, and more. here's a few screen caps of the mag below:

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